Don’t be fooled if right-wing esoteric confusion tries to usurp a symbol being thousands of years old. They tried this before. Let’s not let them. Look into the sun, the eye in the sky. Look at the devotional dot between the eyes of Hindus. Appropriated from ancient sign-systems using a dot and a circle is used in many cultures as a solar symbol. In conjunction the symbol or visual tag makes up the astronomical and astrological symbol for the sun. In our digital sign system a circled dot is expressed in Unicode U+2609 ☉; or bigger as c.f. U+2299 ⊙ “circled dot operator”. This is a neutral symbol denominating a celestial body, not man-made truth. Do not trust a certain German self-acclaimed opportunistic conspiracy theorist that this may mean something else. He is wrong, and he may just want to sell books and divide people.

Conceptually close in Hinduist tradition is the point of creation (Bindu, in Sanskrit: बिंदु) meaning “point” or “dot”.  It is also described as “the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state”. The Egyptian sign for “sun”, “Ra” or “Aten” in the hieroglyphic writing system (Gardiner N5) is also drawn as a dot in a circle. The character for “sun” or “day” in early Chinese script was similar, but it has become square in modern script.

Evolution of the pictographic character

I do not own the symbol, nor do I use it exclusively. I do not own the sun – the sun is there for everybody. We owe the sun, the star Sol, our life and evolution. The symbol in my use stands for reverence and reference to distance, spatial relations and abundance. “Bindu” can be read in German as “(ich) bin du” – “I am you”. In Tibetan Buddhism Bindu refers to the subtle body, which is composed of drops (Tibetan: ཐིག་ལེ thig le) and winds (Tibetan: རླུང rLung).

We are all creatures from drops of stardust formed by a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma. The sun the biggest factor of continuity and change for our solar system…this is a fact – no religious or conspiracy meaning implied. It may be, above all, an anti-conspiracy sign, shifting the focus from the spaceship earth to our companion ship, the sun, as an energy powerhouse making life possible. Do not believe anything else. Do not let populist right-wing agendas re-editing meaning, exploiting people’s fear.

I use this symbol in a designed form for watermarking photos and other media types for years now – and I will not stop, or step down, because of fear. I am a form, basked from energy input from a celestial body. All belongs to the factory of the sun – so do my works. Let’s get reminded by this symbol how propaganda and spinning a tale works, in twisting meaning, without shame. The sun could not care less…