NORMALUM – Mixed Realities develops projects in the media field for international clients for more than 10 years. In 2007 I founded my company in Berlin to grow different projects in the field of: interactive design, transmedia & games.

  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Art Direction
  • Imagefilm production

A Berlin-based narrative interaction design & transmedia consultancy offering facts, insights and clairvoyance for transforming themes into engaging stories and a passive stories into interactive dialogues.  We develop and produce storyworlds crossing multiple channels (Films, Games, Books, Websites etc.) in a meaningful way as well as consult clients, who seek new ways to reach their audience through interactive storytelling, interactive experiences and viral entertainment. Connecting the what and the how with the why of Interactive Storytelling and Experience Design to grow audiences organically. Since 2020 with a studio outpost in Venice, Italy.

The project is a notary proven, registered firm as a German UG with the artwork title “For the Love of Corporations“. A company as an affirmative art project, adding to the rise of corporate structures and studios as companies since Rubens, prominently e.g. Andy Warhol’s The Factory, the industrial production certain painters with tons of assistants, Damien Hirst selling directly from Sotheby’s during the Financial crisis in August 2008, Takeshi Murakami incorporating his art studio as Kaikai Kiki Co. Basically, a comment to the notion that the art form of the 21st century has become marketing and franchising art as “brand” collections. Its weapons are influencers, storytelling and building brand awareness.

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Latest Projects

COLLEGE OF X – Berlin (2017-2019) 

ART DIRECTION & Graphic Design

Build-up and production of a new 1-3-year course offer for visual arts. As a partner project of the renowned Scuola Internazionale di Comics (Italy & USA), we developed new topics and design with the latest trends education in comics, illustration, concept art, animation, game design and – last but not least – storytelling and VR for adults in Berlin. 30+ events and screenings for 2 years.


Crossmedia strategy & production of documentary webseries, webpage, social media channels, photos, drone video & coordination of on- & offline activities for the sculpture “The Sky Over Nine Columns” of German artist Heinz Mack, last remaining protagonist of the ZERO movement.

Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore / in cooperation with Beck & Eggling gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

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