Nine columns, almost eight meters high, glittering in gold, connecting the Orient and the Occident.

Heinz Mack: The Sky Over Nine Columns
Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

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On 3 June 2014 the installation The Sky Over Nine Columns by German artist Heinz Mack got opened to the public on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.

Paralleling the Architecture Biennale, nine columns—more than seven metres high and covered with a golden mosaic—stand in front of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, bearing the sky above them. Curated by art historian Robert Fleck, the installation offers a broad scope for association. As a manifestation of the human being standing upright, the column is the earliest element in the history of architecture and forms a direct relation between earth and sky. The golden mosaic consisting of over 800,000 tesserae is an example of the long tradition of local craftsmanship, representing Venice’s early cultural relations between Orient and Occident.

What was born as an utopian idea in the mind of Heinz Mack got carried out with the help of Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art & Sigifredo di Canossa. Helping and supporting to bring 9 columns covered with gold mosaic into existence on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. Produced by the partners Trend Group, Battiloro Gold, Premier Composite Technologies (Dubai) and Axa Art, Barta & Partner Germany.

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