Mind – the Gap is a procedural participatory non-profit art project consisting of an exhibition in physical space as well as a videos and a an online database. Both combine various media to point out “explanatory gaps”. The concept involves displaying the input and response of other artists, scientists on site and laymen along with my own work in a dynamically changing exhibition in the workplace of the Einstein Forum. What the artist is offering may rather be seen as some kind of suggestion or “seed”, something to play with or neglect. 

The call: BECOME A PART OF MIND-THE GAP! Express through writing, drawing, asking, photography, music or film, WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT MIND AND BRAIN.

Mind – the Gap revolves around what YOU imagine being unknown, not perceivable, unpredictable, unattended, not utilised concerning the mind and brain or their activities and products – of course a kind of paradoxical request.  Within this timeframe the exhibition got steadily altered by the input of the participants and the technical framework gets refined and developed to be able to present “a stream of consciousness” put together in real time from the submitted fragments – a stream of videos, pictures, words, sound which will be automatically arranged to always show an alternative “story”.

The exhibition was part of Einstein Forum´s „TALKING BRAINS“ Symposium (Dec. 3.-4.2010), in Potsdam, was on display and open for interaction for 4 months, from Oct 2010- Feb 2011.

Opening speech performed and written by Sandra Manhartseder (video) in absence of the artist. He locked himself into the cellar of the Einstein Forum with IdKlang (Jakuzi´s Attempt /Arktis Air) at the opening to perform a concert of “Gordian Times” which only got transmitted through the walls – no audience permitted directly.

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