Scheduling live-performances in impossible places and difficult set-ups. Gordian Times is a music performance project of Pato Steinbock (IDklang, Jakuzi´s Attempt, Arktis Air) and me aka Ito Noge (Romantic Front, Business As Usual). Guitar, strings, trumpets, accordeon, beats and samples form electro-thrash pushing the boundaries of electro-core a tad further.

Remastered version of Vanguard out in 2019.

EP digital release upcoming in 2020!


Einstein Forum, 03.12.2010 | Ito Noge & Pato Steinbock [aka idKlang] performing a “concert without an audience” (Konzert ohne Publikum) locked in the cellar of the conference site at the opening of the Symposium “TALKING BRAINS”. Part of the exhibition “Mind – the Gap” (

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