I am lucky that I got the chance for a broad education and experience in various overlapping fields. You can call me a transdisciplinary swiss army knife. Due to these diversified skills and competencies I am often asked to give lessons and speeches or to curate workshops, to inspire people or amp up their skills in storytelling or narrative media production across channels and how to tackle AI, misinformation and generative fast art in our complex times. Courses and lectures given at institutions like:

  • Torino Film Lab
  • Die Angewandte Univ., Vienna
  • Global Ecovillage Network Europe
  • Harvard University
  • Peking University (School of Software and Microelectronics)
  • Saint Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television
  • Sustainable Neighbours Network, Senegal (together with The City College of New York)
  • Tamkang University, Taiwan


For international events, conferences or institutions and both of educational (universities, cultural associations etc.) and corporate (companies, events and training programs), in English, German or Italian.