A collaboration project of old, exhumed bones, joyfully rattling, dancing in the fog.

THE ROLLING MOSS (Seattle): An unholy mix of ambient, techno, dubstep and trance elements with arrows of classic Wuxia samples – like the Golden Horde riding through your brain, not taking any prisoners. Original creations born out of the residue of Mongolian mindset heritage worldwide, pillaging, raping, ruling, not traditionally mixed with existing flavors of the other kind. The best SUb_oTAI attacks and retreats since 1996.


01 TheSecretHistoryOfTheMongols
02 KeepTheSecret
03 HystericalVoicesFromTheVault
04 RebornKingOfForgottenRealm
05 EchoesOfMadness
06 NoMoreBloodshedisWeakness
07 TheMountainsExurgency
08 KilledButAlive
09 KuluudRising
10 ForgiveMe_iAloneIamBest
11 Mongolian_Submarine_Attack_1281
12 ShaolinUnity
13 DirtyDozen_Retreats
14 InstantAttack
15 DanceMacabreSittingOnTheEnemy
36 IronChamberOfDiscipline (Bonus Track)