HECK is performing duets, facilitated by cooperative singing platforms and fellow voices online. He might not be good, he might not be bad, fellow singers might not endorse this as the best duets. Turning the common wish for appreciation and standing out in Voice Shows in international formats like Voice of Germany (The Voice of America, The Voice UK etc.) into an artistic, affirmative performance without “wanting to win” and without bowing to the career-filters of juries or middle-men from the music & show business, exploiting talent. I Wanna Be A Star, But I Am Just Mediocre (IWBAS BIAJM) is a series of 5 videos, curated by Herwig Egon Casadoro-Kopp.

IWBAS BIAJM 01 // Lightning Crashes, song by Live / fellow singer: Ms Jamay Lynn


IWBAS BIAJM 02 // Sono un Italiano, song by Toto Cutugno. fellow singer: Janis Ruane


IWBAS BIAJM 03 // Iris, song by Live / fellow singer: arho2011


IWBAS BIAJM 04 // Kokain, song by Boris Bukowski / fellow singer: arho2011


IWBAS BIAJM 05 // Alive, song by Pearl Jam / fellow singer: arho2011