INTRA EXTRA – circulus vitiousus (with Moritz Majce till 2010): A yearly performance spawning from the series of performances “Ad Principium Individuationis. Trinitas eventuarum” (2004, with Moritz Majce during Mike Hentz` “Macroland” in WUK, Wiener Werkstätten Kulturhaus).

Intra Extra is about structures of repetition, a play with the interspace between Inside and Outside, the continuous circumnavigation of a space – it is about going in circles. The performance is being reenacted every year – components such as location, duration, forms of locomotion, and how the performance is ended may change thereby. The performance is filmed each time by a camera which is installed inside the space that is being circled. The performance does not stop until it is in­terr­up­ted by external effects. The video recording of the previous years´ per­for­man­ce is destroyed after the following performance has taken place. Only three still-shots of the film material per year remain – from the inside of the encircled space.

Intra Extra was performed 10 times in 10 years
2004 (Werk­stät­ten- und Kulturhaus WUK, Vienna)
2005 (WUK, Vienna)
2006 (Palais de Tokyo, Paris)
2007 (Neue Nationalgalerie, Ber­lin)
2008 (White Cube Gallery, London)
2009 (Marquette Park, Chicago)
2010 (Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad)
– 2011 no performance (due the financial crisis, subsequently a crisis in fine art)
2012 (Subway, Beijing, China | without Moritz Majce)
2013 (Roundabout, Dakar, Senegal | without Moritz Majce)
2014 (Neva, St. Petersburg, Russia, | without Moritz Majce)

Currently only the DVD (one piece) of the repeating per­for­mance of 2012 and 3 pictures of 2013 exist.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von | Kindly supported by:

Stadt Wien MA7 Kunstförderung, KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien, Kunstförderung des Landes Niederösterreich, Art Institute of Chicago, Greater Southwest REACH Counseling Center, IMAN – Inner-City Muslim Action Network, Austrian Consulate General in Chicago


Intra Extra 2009 – FORECLOSURE was presented on 21 and 22 May 2010 in Vien­na (roundabout Praterstern) and Neunkirchen (roundabout Seeben­steiner Straße/ Josef-Koisser-Straße) as a repetition of the performance by the audience. Visitors took place on the back seat of a waiting car where they could view the video of the repeating performance of Chicago while driving in circles. Each participant could decide how long she wanted to take part.

Intra Extra – FORECLOSURE was exhibited after the performance in Chicago exhibition space Mess Hall in 2009.



Intra Extra 2014 – CHANCE | St. Petersburg, Russia, 14.10.2014 | by boat, stopped by party people going home

Taking the last boat cruising the Neva river before the winter pause, after midnight. A party of young Russians enters the ship, stopping the last round trip and redirecting it – water keeps circling.

Intra Extra 2013 – SUPERWHEEL | Dakar, Senegal, 19.01.2013 | by horse cart till aborted by coachman

The single perspective of one artist hiring two doubles in a different culture with different features, reenacting SUBSTITUTION from 2006 with different low-tech transportation – a horse and a wheel.

Intra Extra 2012 – FORBIDDEN | Beijing, China , 15.103.2012 | by subway, till full circle

Up to that point reenactments of the original piece in 2004 were driven by the concept of two circling in a given environment. From 2012 on, one artist exercised a single perspective alone, challenging the notion of circling around each other to form a concept as the foundation of a piece. The center point was the Forbidden City, for centuries off limits for foreigners and now a heavily guarded tourist attraction at the Tiananmen square, center of historical Beijing.

Intra Extra 2010 – SUBSTITUTION | Novi Sad, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Videomedeja – International Video Art Festival, 16.12.2010 | by rented car, till aborted by doubles

Previous reenactments of the initial piece in 2004 changed various aspects of how the performance was conducted, such as location, duration, means of transpor­ta­tion, and the way the performance was eventually stopped. Yet there was one detail that had remained unchallenged until then: ourselves. This year we therefore deci­ded to hire two doubles of ourselves to carry out the per­for­mance instead of us: Intra Extra – SUBSTITUTION. On 16 December 2010, they circled the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad in a rented car as part of the Videomedeja – Inter­na­tio­nal Video Art Festival. The performance lasted until it was aborted by the doubles.

Intra Extra 2009 – FORECLOSURE | Chicago, Marquette Park, 5.12.2009 | by rented car, till stopped by property owner

In the iteration of 2009 Intra Extra went by the subtitle of ‘Foreclosure’, a word that in times of worldwide economic crisis mostly appears in the mean­ing of ‘debt en­force­ment’ or ‘distraint’, but can also be used as a translation of the psycho­ana­lytic concept of »Verwerfung« which describes a psychotic mental defence me­chanism. The area around Marquette Park in Chicago´s district of Chicago Lawn is speci­fi­cally and severely affected by what is called the ‘hous­ing crisis’. Many have lost their homes, many more are still threatened by foreclosure – empty and aban­doned houses are dominating the public cityscape. On 5th December 2009 we were circling one of these houses, in a rented car. The per­for­mance lasted until it was stopped by a property owner.

Intra Extra 2008 | London, White Cube Gallery, 10.12.2008 | by cab, till ran out of money

Intra Extra 2007 | Berlin, Neue Nationalgalerie, 8.12.2007 | by foot, till exhaustion

Intra Extra 2006 | Paris, Palais de Tokyo, 2.12.2006 | by car, till stuck in traffic jam

Intra Extra 2005 | Vienna, Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus, 7.12.2005 | by bus, till ran out of fuel

Intra Extra 2004 | Vienna, Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus, 6.12.2004 | by bus, till stopped by police


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