Performance for 40 days in August-September 2013. 40daysofdoingnothing is the documentation of an experiment testing the hypothesis that idleness can be inspirational, beneficial and constructive. Conceived and executed with together with Norbert Trompeter in Berlin & Vienna.

We committed our time to proudly research the benefits of idleness on creativity and well-being and to respect and stick to the following principles in the course of 40days, no matter what:

  • At least 10min of DN each day, simply a quarter of work-time, optimal 2h of 8h of work

  • Writing a report and answering a questionaire each day

  • Regular check-ins every 4 days per skype

  • Doing a body health and mental health check before and afterwards

  • Doing DN at least one time together

Our hypothesis: A quarter of your work-time freed for aimless idleness renders you more productive, free, creative and content – and yes, happy.

This project was inspired by fortydaysofdating, the experiment of Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman where they as best friends explored dating each other publicly for 40 days this year. 40daysofdoingnothing is conceived as a serious, but also ironic counterpoint and homage to all the things you can do and try to solve and evolve past and show to the world – including their nicely designed attempt to make a relationship work. Our outset is simple: Maybe doing nothing is the better thing to do.


Documentation of the experiment was collected and exhibited @
http://www.40daysofdoingnothing.com (now defunct)

MASHSTORIES article about our results the “Benefits of Doing Nothing” in Issue 1, 29/04/2014 https://issuu.com/mashstories/docs/mash-stories-magazine-issue-1/20 

Research project & activism about the geographical sociocultural benefits and history of Doing Nothing: