First use worldwide of the hashtag #insidedopester on instagram on 05-02-2020 and subsequently Facebook. The term “inside dopester” got coined by D. Riesmann in his book The Lonely Crowd: A Study of the Changing American Character (together with Nathan Glazer and Reuel Denney), published by Yale University Press in 1950. The English term got cited by Theodor Adorno in “Theorie der Halbbildung” (Theory of half-education) in 1959. Claiming  to use a term on social media for the first time follows the notion that creating art as a secondary reaction to social media plattform opportunities inside the attention economy can itself be considered a position of art.

God is Porco (found footage Berlin)

In economic sociology an INSIDE DOPESTER is an information collector, a name for a type of externally led person who faces political processes only as a consumer, collector of information, especially backdrop information, who counts among the well-educated, for himself sees no chance of own political action.


Click-bait Adorno 1959. The theory of half-education (Die Theorie der Halbbildung) has nothing to do with Italian swearing, but with reflecting the power of eductation and culture which, detached from practical impact, become gods without a consequence. „Halbbildung“ becomes a means of perception for advantages in the midst of the unsolicited bellum omnium contra omnes. It is the triumph of the inside-dopester, a term found in dictionaries of economy – somebody who knows something by consuming superficial info, but is not believing he/she can change anything. I hereby post this term for the first time on instagram, not excluding myself. But not finding it here so far is quite funny and can be taken as a warning. The Sudanese painting in the end and the cryptoworld have nothing to do with Adorno as well…or have they? Read the text, it is highly recommended and adviseable reflection for our times. 

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