Counter Body is an interactive media installation consisting of a punching bag suspended in the middle of a room, displaying video fragments about the „Counter-Body“ which get triggered and reiterated by the interaction (hits) of the audience through sensors. The strength of hits might make the circle disappear, although threshold is very high. – Excerpt from the event summary: „Philosophy On Stage follows modes of „oblivion“ concerning the materiality and corporality in the corpus of occidental philosophy. […] In Lecture-Performances classical body rites of philosophy, which got conceived by cooperating philosophers und artists in a special art-laboratory, get deconstructed and put to test performatively on stage.    

Part of

Philosophy on Stage 3 – Symposium & Lecture Performances (Nov 2011) organised by Prof. Susanne Granzer, Max Reinhard Seminar, Vienna & Prof. Arno Böhler, Univ. Vienna in the Wittgenstein Haus, 1030 Vienna.