HECK’s obsession with the circle, circuitry and circularity of systems and thoughts go beyond Heinz v. Foerster’s 2nd order cybernetics – at least visually. Not all circular is a circle, not all revolving a good repetition, not all differences interesting. Diversity and diversification is, if it does not lead to a a new centralisation. Power and directing taste in the hands of a few creates a conundrum and gatekeepers may want to rather keep the gates closed than let people participate. Where our hypercharged and fragmented societies of the multitude* directed by big capital may go is part of the exploration in 3-dimensional vignettes. None of these may change the world, but may be meditations on how cultures emerges, coagulates, get devoured and digested by power, economy and corruption may give rise to something else. Building common ground, starting in the heart of the individual – or the core of the universe. The gap in between is the inconceivable territory of open spatiality.

[* “The multitude, described by Hardt and Negri as an open network, is embedded in an open spatiality. How can we analyze and link a real network to a deterritorialised space?” asks Pierpaolo Mudu (https://acme-journal.org/index.php/acme/article/view/830) see also Hardt, M. Negri, A, (2004) Multitude – War and Democracy in the Age of Empire. Penguin Press]

LIMINAL SPACE 2 (2023) 1min 41s (HD, CG animation, sound & music)

WUHAN LIMINAL (2023) 1min 31s (HD, CG animation, sound & music)

BUG ATTACK (2023) 42s, (FullHD, Loop; CG animation & sound, music by Curanderx)

ODC 001 – Orbital Dance Company (2023) 1min23 (2k square, here HD, CG animation & sound, music)


HEART ART (2022, Trailer) 2min 24s, (FullHD, Loop; CG & sound)

VENETIAN FIREPLACE (May You Live In Interesting Times) 1m 04s, (4k Loop; CG & sound)