HECK’s highly discursive position of affirmative critique “in between the fields of art, philosophy and politics, is constituting a deep exploration of late capitalism’s social, cultural and financial imaginaries” –  like this quote of a description of Hito Steyerls work, HECK appropriated for the purpose of a even more precise description.

The artist´s reflections on the social roles of art and museums, experimenting with media forms of presentation, and critically examining the use of artificial intelligence – and virtual 3D environments. Not only his short-films but also his animations and game projects consist of poetic narration supported by a unique blend of pop cultural images, documentary footage and computer-animated sequences, criticising and reenacting the proliferation of digital images and their large-scale implications, also in artistic production. Not all of this must be true. It could be a simple animation of objects or a whimsical joke, manifesting in 3D.

Aren´t there limits, is it still fine art – isn´t the territory limitless?

Shall our earth be limitless, our growth and our exploitation of our kin, animal & plantlife?


VENETIAN FIREPLACE (May You Live In Interesting Times) 1m 04s, (4k Loop; CG & sound)