VANISHING POINT | Experimental Video (HD) 28min

It can be read as an hommage to Zabrisky Point (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1970) and Vanishing Point (Richard C. Sarafian from 1971) and the end of the social dreams of the hippie movement. Any perspective representation of a scene that includes parallel lines has one or more vanishing points in a perspective drawing. A vanishing point is a point in the picture plane π that is the intersection of the projections (or drawings) of a set of parallel lines in space on to this picture plane, referencing the viewpoint of an observer. Human perspective is optically converging there in one or more points, even though the lines might be only parallel. The situation of counterculture becoming fashionable.

All merging into one horizon, no matter what you do. Perspective approaches have a horizon line, which is often implied. This line, directly opposite the viewer’s eye, represents objects infinitely far away. They have shrunk, in the distance, to the infinitesimal thickness of a line. It is analogous to (and named after) the Earth’s horizon. All paths converge on the horizon, not all have the same vanishing point. We tiptoe into our future, not knowing if there are trains coming or terrain to explore left or right. We could take off the heels and watch the show from aside and keep on shopping for attention…

[Excerpt: first 10min of 28min duration of exhibition length]