Literature, board- and card-games beyond good and evil. There are many ways to program a publishing-house, but the majority have suffered from being too adapted and risk-averse. We stand for alternatives in form, injected dark humour, randomised joy, word-architectures which on the brink of luncay and games for unplaying the world. Friedrich Nietzsche´s «… mir ward Alles Spiel» («… all became game to me») can be called the root of founding PANPAIDIA, mirrored in the aura of certain artworks as the closest reference.

Pan “all” together with “paidia”, the anarchy of spontaneous play in contrast to “ludus”, the rule-focused state of play (according to Roger Caillois). The crazy, the over the top, the uncomfortable, the filthy. The brilliant, but overlooked. The metal brush against the satin hair of a cat warming on the oven. PANPAIDIA Publishing is taking care of isolated beasts of literature, art books, board as well as card games. We are searching for analogons of world-principles, may it be chaos, poetry or artful order.