i am a token, and I am not for sale. a super-rare token. inherited, but not sold

“description”: “<p>I am not a token. This is a picture. This is not me. Being a unique picture is not important. I am genetic code, a menace to the ecosystem. Commodifying life, the planet, equals destruction. I am not an asset. I am a non-fungible token not for sale. I am a white, grateful artist – lucky, privileged and full of proof of work.</p>”

The consistent conceptual position after years of ups and downs in interest for cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and ICOs, giving birth to a parallel financial system on different blockchain projects like Bitcoin or Ethereum – is claiming to be a token, not a coin.

We all become tokens, not coins, we are not “like newly minted coins — perfect and priceless”, we are cheaply made individuals for a purpose, attention divided, gaining value for a platform, a store, an incubator, an initial coin offering, but we are not gold. We are not blood, or even a currency, We are UTILITY tokens, but full of fantasy. We are coupons that can be exchanged in the future. (see e.g. https://academy.bit2me.com)

I conceived “I AM A TOKEN” as an answer to Kevin Abosch´s projekt “I AM A COIN” (see https://iamacoin.com/) – instead of a divisible piece of digital currency being traded, becoming an non-divisible ERC-721 token on the blockchain, an NFT (a Non-Fungible Token). In essence, a picture of me, a digital representation which can be traded and given value. Only that this token will never be sold. A comment not to be traded. As humans we are all unique.

For the project´s page see: https://iamatoken.io

Created with a smart contract and cryptographically unique, living as Token 2444 of a signed transaction on a blockchain using still proof of work. The stakes are high to change that…


iamatoken is listed on Opensea & Rarible as not for sale and lives in the artist´s wallet and as a 1010×1010 pixel .jpg in the web of everchanging servers.